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CO-PRESENTATION Théâtre National - KVS | 10 > 20.01.2012 | TOERNEE GENERAL THIS SEASON

Théâtre Toernee General en Saison

« ...The good dynamism of the Raoul Collectif permits addressing vital questions without making it heavy by mixing nonsense, musical interacts and sketches… At last, a theatre group spreading a message by means of poetry instead of lubrication…» Pascaline Vallée, Mouvement, February 2011

After their first performance at the Festival de Liège, the Raoul Collectif, formed by a group of five young actors, collaborates with the Théâtre National for an impulsive and passionate creation. Through the scenery, the style of writing and acting, the play is set up to be a warning signal. Full of life, youthfulness and joy that are typical of them, they bring on stage certain acts of solitary (anti)heroes who have, one day, escaped from the system in which they once felt captured. They wanted to break out of the fatal neoliberalism trying to discipline us and to let us forget our dreams. The Raoul Collectif questions the effects of the real character’s behaviour in order to reveal, on stage, the fantasies awoken by their stories. Presenting a choral journey, an entertaining, rhythmic and musical performance, the actors’ challenge will be to sound the alarm subconsciously and to pass the force of life on to the audience.