Martine De Michele/En Cie du Sud

19 - 29 April 2017 / Salle Jacques Huisman

/ Complete Season / LA RIVE / Le Spectacle

Théâtre, Théâtre musical

Collection of personal stories No. 1 - The North
We started the project by studying personal responses to in-depth questioning on the position of women within their working environment. We were interested in the situation that people find themselves in when they no longer agree with the values of the organisation they work for.

Collection of personal stories No. 2 - September 2014: Lampedusa − The South
During a workshop led by Ascanio Celestini, we went out to meet the island’s inhabitants. The aim of this phase of the project was to use theatre as a tool to produce a different and non-stereotypical depiction of Lampedusa and the events for which it has been the “stage” in recent years.

Presentation of personal stories No.3 - The North/The South
La Rive was created from the various personal stories collected, documentary sources and meetings with other writers, using a twin-track approach to human reality. This human reality is addressed from two perspectives: the “Northern angle” and the “Southern angle”, two entities that are represented differently by the people who describe them, and in the information contained in their respective accounts. The North and the South are connected by an element that also divides them – the Shore (La Rive). Everywhere here, from North to South, we find people sharing a fragment of history or an episode in their life story, which allows us to gain access to their innermost thoughts, their doubts and the paradox of their lives. All of these stories, which by turns come across as intense and absurd, gradually weave together the strands of a reflection on contemporary society, as we travel towards La Rive. Music is employed throughout the production to provide the audience with additional food for thought. Its task is to take us beyond words and testimonies, and enable us to open up our imagination to that of the characters and the energy that drives them towards this life-saving chasm. The songs conjure up emotions and other worlds to strive for, and they take us beyond words to a “universal shore”.

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