The Au Marché National team in association with Théâtre National is meddling with the Saison Libre to shake up your ear-drums, your bodies and your feelings. On the menu this season: musical digressions, impromptu sensorial experiences and parties of all sorts, all of it spiced with a mischievous informality.

ODIL is Camille-Alban Spreng (keys), Geoffrey Fiorese (keys), Paul Berne (drums) and Tom Bourgeois (saxs). They are joined by singer Claire Parsons and sometimes Sam Comerford (saxs).

Their new album RESON will be released in November 2018. New album RESON release in November 2018 Avec: Fender Rhodes - Camille-Alban Spreng Wurlitzer - Geoffrey Fiorese Saxophone - Tom ...


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