Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


(les mots à défendre)

10 > 19.03.2023

Les MAD are two weekends to touch the power of words.

The invitation to travel through texts to find the Théâtre National in all its states, to follow the voices on every level. Crossover projects, unabashed in their hybridity, will thus find their place.

Les MAD are two weekends built in consultation with the associated authors, one, by Caroline Lamarche, devoted to literature and dramatic texts, the other, by Joëlle Sambi, focusing on poetry, slam and urban cultures. Les MAD are two weekends welcoming propositions from here or elsewhere. So many opportunities to highlight the art of telling, of translating, of storytelling, to seek out fringe imaginations which, modestly, stubbornly, charged with resilient energy, prepare the world of tomorrow. Les MAD are two eclectic, political, engaged and festive weekends! Les MAD are Joris Lacoste & Ictus, Casey, Jeanne Balibar, the Lipopo Slam Collective, Koko Slam Gang and many others…

→ The complete program will be available in December 2022

In partnership with Passa Porta, ICORN international cities of refuge network, Midis de la Poésie, Master Arts du spectacle / Université libre de Bruxelles, Domaine des Arts de la Parole du Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
With the support of de Wallonie-Bruxelles International