Théâtre National


The Education Department at the Théâtre National opens up the world of live performance to teachers and their students.

We offer:
  • School matinées for specific performances.
  • Educational packs giving an in-depth introduction to an artistic subject to help students understand all the ins and outs – before or after the performance – with optional educational prompts to be developed in class.
  • Class activities with our artists or special events organisers who introduce and enlarge on the world of a particular show before or after the performance. Activities in the form of workshops, offering a more hands-on approach, are also offered as well as tours of several shows tackling particular themes or providing an introduction to broad trends in contemporary theatre.
  • Guided tours of the theatre which allow students to discover what goes on back stage and behind the scenes as well as introducing them to the different jobs involved in live performance.
  • Special meetings and talks with the artistic teams for our Studio TN productions.
  • Receive our email updates: send an email to with full contact details  (postal address, telephone, email, school or college, subject taught, year). You will be kept informed of our programmes and any relevant educational activities on offer and you will receive invitations to special events (rehearsals, artist talks, etc.).
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Valérie Bertollo, Coordinatrice du Service éducatif
Tél : 0 2 274 23 25 |

Cécile Michel, Collaboratrice pédagogique et artistique
Tél : 02 274 23 20 |