5 events to set the Théâtre National back in motion.

As we head into the holidays this summer, the National is joining up with cultural and community locations in Brussels and Wallonia to bring culture (back) to life, to question it, to shine a spotlight on it in innovative ways.

Performances, short pieces, concerts, citizen sessions, workshops -

a whole programme making the natural spaces, the lights, the sunset our own, in the afternoons and evenings for an audience of 200.

No need to wait for the end of the holidays to get back into shared experiences, enriching and festive meetings, both public and intimate.

15 & 16.08.2020
SPA / Royal Festival de Spa

22 & 23.08.2020
MONS / Moulin Saint-Denis

28 > 30.08.2020
MARCHIN / Latitude 50 pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue

05 & 06.09.2020
JETTE / Atelier 34zero Muzeum

12 & 13.09.2020
JUMET / ASBL Jumet.bio