In compliance with the measures taken by the authorities to combat the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), some scheduled performances and activities are cancelled.


The performances affected are as follows:
- Une cérémonie du Raoul Collectif (14 > 16.10)
- Contes et légendes de Joël Pommerat (10 > 28.11)
- L'Errance de l'hippocampe de Jean-Michel d'Hoop (01 > 13.12.2020)
- La Bombe humaine de Eline Schumacher & Vincent Hennebicq (03 > 18.12.2020)
Le Dîner de Jean-michel Frère (15 > 19.12.2020)

The activities affected are as follows:
- Dimanche enfant admis (22.11 & 13.12.2020) 
- Visite guidée (22.11 & 13.12.2020)
- Conversation avec François Gemenne (05.12.2020)
- Atelier Initiation au cinéma d’animation de Yoann Stehr & Lucie Thocaven (12 & 15.12.2020)

Given the information which we have available it is not possible at the current time to foresee the cancelled performances of this season being staged at a later date. Subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on Facebook to receive updates.

Refund or exchange

You can have your ticket refunded or exchanged for a voucher to redeem at the show of your choice this season.

We invite you to contact the ticket office:
by phone at +32 2 203 53 03
by email:


If you wish, you can also make a donation. You can do this simply by making a bank transfer to our account: Théâtre National F.U.P.

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Please note that the Théâtre National is unable to issue a certificate of tax deductibility regardless of the amount of the donation made.