Only €8 per ticket !
For a minimum of three shows,
for higher education students


If you are a student in a junior college, a university
or a higher education program this offer is made for you !

Rock-bottom price

The ticket is only "8 with the PASS CAMPUS, while it’s "11 at regular student rates and "9 with a student subscription.

Freedom of choice

You reserve the shows you choose when you want to, even last minute. Making changes cost nothing
and can be made up to the day before the show.

Take advantage of the offer

The PASS CAMPUS is available at the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles box office.

On line

Theatre box office
Monday to Friday 
& Saturday performances
13:00 > 18:00
& 1h before the performance

By phone
+32 (0)2 203 53 03
Monday to Friday 
10:00 > 18:00
School holidays & Saturday performances
13:00 > 18:00

In practice

Your PASS CAMPUS will be available at the box office.

With your PASS CAMPUS, you can pick up your tickets starting one hour before the performance.

You must provide your student card or other accepted supporting document to pick up your PASS CAMPUS or your tickets. You may be asked to show your student card at any time.

You reserve the shows of your choosing for when you want to, depending on availability, with a maximum of one ticket per show.

You will not be able to add tickets to your PASS CAMPUS during the season.