And welcome as is the sight of land to the shipwrecked
(Homer, “The Odyssey”, Book 23, line 232)

Here and now, but also a little bit over there…
This season, artists from elsewhere will come work with us, while artists from here will speak to us about there.

These cries from here and there meet and merge in new stories… It’s been a year that our Studio is operating and work is not wanting, for more and more, the world needs new stories to build and more links to weave between human beings.

The 18-19 season is based on this idea of the artistic intersection: a collision of migratory flows in an omnipresent musical storm, like a human and universal vibration which permits us to understand each other when we doesn’t know the language or that the subject is so powerful that words fail us.

The missing words are sometimes due to an outrage that compels us to get on stage as a last resort… such as Le Chœur d’Ali Aarrass, a citizen’s support committee for the unfortunately famous Belgian political prisoner held in Morocco, which will display hope and courage on the National’s main stage as it makes its voice heard, and like an echo, Ali’s voice.

One of the permanent priorities of the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles is to offer premières. In other words, a majority of the shows have not yet been performed and will be premiering during the season. We wish Godspeed to the teams of the premiering “Studio” shows: Sylvia, L’Attentat, The Other Side of the Garden, La Reine Lear… as well as to all our co-productions, all of which, right to opening night will be mirroring the latest news, from the question of the rights of women to Syrian exiles welcomed in Brussels to create a theatrical piece. Works, that like in previous years, will expand their range to welcome audiences in Wallonia and Flanders and also in international festivals among which will be found the poorest, the most committed and the most prestigious. Of these shows and artists at work, certain secrets will be revealed in our online chronicle Backstage.

Crossed by the Saison Libre, and marked out by the Festival des Libertés and the Festival XS, the 18-19 season promises voyages and wonder towards the other. Our theatre will be a boat wandering in lands populated with humans to discover on one or another artistic shore, troubling in form but quite real.

Fabrice Murgia