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Studio @ Théâtre National

“Studio TN” is a project aimed at supporting artists: it is catered to the companies’ needs, providing them with a space in the theatre in which they can create and enabling them to work with a multitude of tools and resources. This creative hub will breathe new life into the theatre by structuring the season around research laboratories, rehearsals, talks with the artists and, finally, the productions themselves.

During the course of the season, six very different artists, in terms of age, origin and language, will take turns to work in the Studio TN, our laboratory of creation:

These artists head up theatre companies, they share a sense of the collective and team work which informs their work with a rigorous approach to stage craft, making it possible to invent a unique language which blurs the distinction between form and content. Backed by a theatre company, these artists engage with their history and ask questions in this initiative showcased by the Studio TN for the duration of a production.

We invite you to step a little further into this theatre and see the shows through the eyes of those who put them on. The Théâtre National is a tool for sharing and we now want to throw open the doors of the Studio TN.


Théâtre National on tour

The Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles takes productions on tour in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world. Take a look at our touring calendar.


Valérie MARTINO, Head of production
Charlotte JACQUES, Touring & International relations,
Juliette THIEME, Touring & International relations,


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