The Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles supports artists and companies by making its resources and infrastructure available to them. Artists of different ages, origins and languages breathe new energy and punctuate the Theatre’s seasons.

  • Une cérémonie

    Raoul Collectif

    08 > 12.03.2022

    "Une cérémonie" is seeking its rules and its forms. One can make out the historical fantasy of a group looking for absolutes, carting around its ideals, its dreams and its musical instruments.


    Elisabeth Woronoff
    05 > 14.05.2022

    Between fiction and documentary, SKRIK transposes to the stage the dazzling intensity of the memories which arise in fragments. The show puts a spotlight on violence against children to invite reflection.

  • Portraits sans paysage

    Nimis Groupe
    19 > 28.05.2022

    Welcome. Two syllables that sound like a promise of meeting, of hospitality. Not for refugees. In our Western societies, the reception of exiles leads to confinement, surveillance and an absence of perspective for those who are uprooted.

  • The Quest

    Cédric Eeckhout 

    20 > 28.05.2022

    At the juncture of stand-up, the absurd and existential drama, Cédric Eeckhout obsessively singles out the similarities that unite his fate with that of the entire continent, politically and economically.