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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
Festival des libertés 2018

Grand Corps Malade

Festival des Libertés

21.10.2018 · 20:30

Performer songwriter Grand Corps Malade writes profound, sensitive and genuine texts. The true wordsmith writes with his voice as he marries syllables, chases rhymes, juggles meanings and works his phrasing. Grand Corps Malade draws his inspiration from street corners, as he immerses himself in an urban environment, strolling towards the intersection of cultures whilst he looks on the rhythms of human life, etc. At the end of five long years, a film and several musical collaborations, GCP releases his sixth album: “Plan B”, a strong, melancholic and moving opus. Any concert by Grand Corps Malade is nothing short than a partaking and sharing of words and emotions, an invitation to self-expression and the return of faith.


  • - 20:30



€26 (standing) / €35 (seated)

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