Théâtre National

La Mémoire des arbres

Cycle Ghost Road

Fabrice Murgia, Cie Artara - Dominique Pauwels


The secret to keep an entire city at bay. Not a ghost town because life animates this mysterious city. However silence envelops not just its schools, its parks, its hospitals, but even its name. And it spreads to its fields, its river and to its children’s laughter.

In the heart of this place not found on any map, thousands of people are forced to maintain this enormous secret. And those who present even a shadow of treason pay for it with their lives. Others, manipulated, are convinced they are protecting the country by supporting the lie. Together they preserve a vast industrial state and keep quiet about an unheard of environmental catastrophe.

One could think this story is straight out of science fiction. But it isn’t. This secret city and its abuses are part of our world. Even if humankind tries to muzzle the truth, the memory of the trees remain, those of the consciousness that rises and denounces this heavy decades-old creed.

Travelling is an integral part of Fabrice Murgia’s art. The Ghost Road cycle has taken him to singular places where, camera on his shoulder, he has recorded faces, testimony and encounters. La Mémoire des arbres is part of this process. The show’s team has walked these hostile lands and with Josse De Pauw as story teller/historian, it offers us the unmentionable in music and poetry.

©Wynn Bullock, Child on Forest Road, 1958 © 1958/2019 Bullock Family Photography LLC. All rights reserved.



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Grande Salle



Surrounding the show

Introduction 17.09.2019 – 19:45 (15')

Kids Brunch 22.09.2019 – from 12:00


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Concept, writing and directing
Fabrice Murgia

Josse De Pauw
to be confirmed

Music composition and live music
Dominique Pauwels

Translation and travel assistant 
Tatiana Mukhamediarova

Translation and direction assistant 
Olya Tsoraeva

Dramaturgy assistant
Nadezda Kutepova
Cécile Michel

Lighting design
Emily Brassier

Video design
Giacinto Caponio

Virginie Demilier

Sound operator
Brecht Beuselinck

Stage management
Wout Clarysse

Lighting director
Emily Brassier
Jannes Dierynck

Video direction
to be confirmed

Production manager
Kristel Deweerdt

Gilani Dambaev
Garifulla Habibulin
Gulshara Ismagilova
Gosman Kabirov
Fatima Kobzhasarova
Lubov Lebzina
Natalia Manzurova


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Sets and costumes
Ateliers du Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles