Special fundraising performance for the benefit of BXLRefugees.

Why is the question “Where are you from?” less harmless than it seems? What defensive reflex hides behind this ordinary question? What are the differences and similarities between yesterday’s migrations and today’s? What commonalities do the ancient and the current migrants share? Are those migrations comparable? Does having been an immigrant oneself inoculate one against tribalism?

To delve deeply into these questions which bring into focus all the issues of the debate on identity and origins, Hervé Guerrisi and Grégory Carnoli, actors and grandchildren of migrants pull together stories and testimonials to run them through the strainer of science. The result is an innovative type of theatre, between documentary theatre, scathing, biting lecture, and place for defiance. It’s an invitation to travel through family histories and those of the migratory flows… to find our common ancestor, that cell that we all descend from since all living species come from it: L.U.C.A.

« D’où viens-tu ? » En partant de cette question à priori anodine, L.U.C.A. (Last Universal Common Ancestor) remonte jusqu’aux origines de l’Homme et explore...



  • Premiere
    20.02.2019 - L’Ancre, Charleroi


    Concept and performance
    Hervé Guerrisi
    Grégory Carnoli

    Quantin Meert

    Laurence Briand

    Outside view
    Romain David

    Élia Lopez

    Light design
    Antoine Vilain

    Ludovic Van Pachterbeke

    Antoine Vilain

    Video consulting
    Arié Van Egmond

    Frédérick Denis

  • Light and video operator
    Pierre Hendrickx

    Sound operator
    Benoît Vanderyse

    Cie Eranova

    L’ANCRE – Théâtre Royal

    Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre Jean Vilar Vitry-sur-Seine, La Coop asbl, La Charge du Rhinocéros

    Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service du Théâtre

    La Cité Maison de Théâtre & Cie et le Théâtre des Doms dans le cadre du programme “Le Réel Enjeu”, La Fabrique de Théâtre, 9-9 bis-Le Métaphone, MCA Recycling sprl et le Tax-Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge

    La Charge du Rhinocéros