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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Julie Berès

03 > 12.03.2021

Four determined young women have at a black wall to urgently inscribe this word as a rallying cry: “Disobey”. One after the other and then together, with a powerful voice, they describe their daily lives. With their stories and with dancing, they wrench “breaths of freedom” from the various oppressive systems: traditions, religion, men and family.

The play is the result of interviews Julie Berès, Kevin Keiss and Alice Zeniter conducted with immigrant women – from Kabylia, Iran, Turkey and Cameroon. A meticulous work, enriched by the actors’ own words, to take stock of their admissions, their memories and their ambivalences. From this kaleidoscope of yearnings, but also of rebellions against machismo and racism they raised a fundamental question: how to invent oneself or re-invent oneself as a woman beyond social or cultural determinism?

The strength of the bodies and the realism of the stories reveal an intimate history, that of needing to refuse certain legacies to better explore one’s dreams. A flamboyant chorus that probes the universality of the feminine through stories vibrant with authenticity.


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    Discussion "Rencontre Constructeurs d’Histoires" after show

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From 12 years old

Surrounding the show

10.03.2021 - Discussion "Rencontre Constructeurs d’Histoires" after show


Conception & direction 
Julie Berès 

Ava Baya 
Lou-Adriana Bouziouane 
Charmine Fariborzi 
Séphora Pondi 

Julie Berès 
Kevin Keiss 
Alice Zeniter 

Body work
Jessica Noita 

Marc Lainé 
Stephan Zimmerli 

Kevin Keiss 

Elisabeth Cerqueira 

Sound Design 
David Ségalen 

Light design 
Laïs Foulc 

Video design 
Christian Archambeau 

Production manager 
Compagnie les Cambrioleurs précédemment le Théâtre de la Commune – CDN d’Aubervilliers 

With the support   
du Fonds de Dotation Agnès Troublé dite Agnès B., du FIJAD, Fonds d’Insertion pour les Jeunes Artistes Dramatiques, DRAC et Région Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur. 
La Compagnie les Cambrioleurs est conventionnée par le Ministère de la Culture / 
DRAC Bretagne, par la Région Bretagne et par la Ville de Brest, et est soutenue pour ses projets par le Conseil Départemental du Finistère

© Willy Vainqueur
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