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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

What if they went to Moscow?

Anton Tchekhov - Christiane Jatahy - Cia Vertice de Teatro

05 > 07.10.2017

 “To Moscow! To Moscow!” is the three sisters’ final exhortation in Chekhov’s famous play.

The Brazilian director, Christiane Jatahy, follows the popular trend for rereading the classics which, in Latin-American theatre, is providing a new take on the great plays by Ibsen, Strindberg and Chekhov.

In the light of current events in Europe, the “what if…” of the title makes all the difference: it places the emphasis on the utopias of a life of boredom and frustration, which is also a dream life: what if we moved to a different place, another country? Why not emigrate?

In her capacity as theatre director and film maker, Christiane Jatahy is giving us the chance to see the same performance twice, in whichever order we prefer: in a theatre auditorium where the play is being performed live, then on screen in another auditorium, where the film of the production is being cut and shown simultaneously.

Christiane Jatahy believes this sensory experience will encourage spectators to see life with fresh eyes.


  • - 19:00
  • - 19:00
  • - 19:00



3h & interval 45’


em Português > subtitles > français - english


Studio & Salle Jacques Huisman





Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat & Stella Rabello

Adaptation, script, editing

Christiane Jatahy

Collaboration on the script

Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello & Paulo Camacho

Director of Photography & Live Camera

Paulo Camacho

Set design

Christiane Jatahy et Marcelo Lipiani


Antonio Medeiros & Tatiana Rodrigues


Domenico Lancellotti

Light design

Paulo Camacho & Alessandro Boschini

Sound design

Denilson Campos

Musician and video technician

Felipe Norkus

Video operator

Bruno Drolshagen

Sound operator

Ben Hur Machado

Mix live (cinéma)

Diogo Magalhaes

Technical Director & light

Leandro Barreto

Stage director

Thiago Katona

Production manager

Henrique Mariano


Cia Vértice de Teatro


Le CENTQUATRE – PARIS; Festival temps d’images; Zürcher Theater Spektakel ; SESC – Servicio Social do Comercio

Cie Vértice de Teatro is supported by




© Aline Macedo

Le Rideau de saison, Maak & Transmettre · photos : Lucile Dizier, 2024