They number in the thousands, murdered by their husbands, ex husbands, boyfriends, and fiancés. Killed by men. On average, two women are murdered every week in Spain. With this macabre statistic as a starting point, Agnes Mateus and Quim Tarrida incite a reaction from themselves and from us against this revolting societal and domestic violence. Rebota, Rebota y en tu cara explota (It Bounces, It Bounces, And Then It Blows Up In Your Face) takes to task not only the femicides but also breaks down the stereotypes implicit in the female roles in theatre and cinema. The objective is to fight against indifference and to ring the alarm.

Amid a Neopop set, Agnes Mateus, alone on stage in her spangled sequined pants, backed by deafening techno music, chants the insults that women suffer daily. Drawing from her own rage, she delivers a relentless performance that is an essential denunciation. A denunciation essential the world over.


  • Language

    ES surtitrage FR, EN

  • Venue

    Grande Salle

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  • Prix du public du Festival de Almada 2020 Espectáculo de Honra
    Prix de la Critique 2017 meilleur spectacle des Nouvelles Tendances
    Prix FAD Sebastià Gasch Aplaudiment 2018
    Prix Butaca 2018 aux Nouvelles Contributions Scéniques

    Concept and direction
    Agnés Mateus
    Quim Tarrida

    Agnés Mateus

    Pablo Domichovsky

    Sound, video and photography
    Quim Tarrida

    Carles Borràs

    Translation and surtitles
    Marion Cousin

  • Production on tour

    Festival TNT — Terrassa Noves Tendències 2017, Antic Teatre et Konventpuntzero

    La Poderosa, Nau Ivanow et Teatre La Massa

    With the support of the Embassy of Spain in the Kingdom of Belgium.

    Avec le soutien de Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) pour le projet à travers son Programme pour l'Internationalisation de la Culture Espagnole (PICE) dans la modalité Mobilité.


  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    Discussion "Rencontre Constructeurs d’Histoires" after show / Jean-Louis SIMOENS, Coordinateur Collectif contre les Violences Familiales et l’Exclusion - CVFE asbl.  In partnership with Les Grenades (RTBF)
  • Friday