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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Midi de la poésie /
L'arbre, c'est le temps rendu visible

Carl Norac, Francis Hallé & Stéphanie Van Vyve

14.10.2021 · 12:40
Midi de la poésie

The well-known botanist Francis Hallé looks at the world of the canopy down to the smallest detail. Not only does he convince us of the intelligence of trees, and of the vital need to protect them, he also explores them with precision and freedom, through words, drawing and poetry. His books including Atlas de botanique poétique bear witness to this, as do certain guiding phrases such as this one, by Paul Valéry: The tree is time made visible. This Midi de la poésie offers an intimate moment with this fascinating and multifaceted man, in an interview with Carl Norac who himself lived his childhood and adolescence in friendship with the trees. It will also be an opportunity to hear texts by Francis Hallé and the authors who inspire him as we enter slowly, together, into the bark of the poem.


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© Francis Hallé / Atlas de botanique poétique
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