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Les Trois mousquetaires

Collectif 49 701

02 > 04.09.2022

No one today can be unaware of the names of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan. But the glory that precedes them obscures the realities of Dumas’s text. Because in truth, the musketeers impose in the novel and on the stage of history a singular figure of a hero. Scruffy, drunk, violent, amoral hustlers, not only are they not the great knights that we believe, but above all they occupy a unique political place in the kingdom. Armed and legitimized by the king, their freedom of action seems unlimited and yet, almost none of their feats of arms are done legally. They are gray area heroes; they stand in the middle, between Caesar and Mandrin, between the sovereign and the outlaw.

The Collective 49 701 creates serials on stage, this commercial and lucrative form of literature, massively diffused in the 19th century and revitalized today by the television series. In three seasons of three episodes – one season per day of celebration – the collective reclaim this literary blockbuster by trying to pay tribute to the brutal and messy energy of these young men who – all for one and one for all – would die on the spot rather than surrender their swords.

25€ – Pass Friday, Saturday and Sunday
10€ – individual show
€8 – job seekers, students, -30 & +60 years old
7€ – banquet-guinguette (by reservation)
Free for children under 12
Bar and snacks on site for 3 days.
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  • - 19:00

    Saison 1 : L'Apprentissage - Place de Saint-Maur, Saint Maur

  • - 20:30

    Banquet / guinguette - Place de Saint-Maur, Saint Maur

  • - 20:00

    Saison 2 : D'Artagnan se dessine - Parc du Château du Saulchoir, Kain

  • - 15:00

    Saison 3 : Les Ferrets ou l'honneur de la Reine - Parc du Séminaire de Choiseul, Tournai





Saint Maur, Kain, Tournai


Clara Hédouin
Jade Herbulot
Romain De Becdelièvre

Éléonore Arnaud
Robin Causse
Kristina Chaumont
Antonin Fadinard
Clara Hédouin
Jade Herbulot
Maxime Le Gac-Olanié
Antoine Reinartz
Charles Van De Vyve

alternating with
Lou Balthazar
Guillaume Compiano
Pierre Duprat
Alex Fondja
Eugène Marcuse
Maximilien Seweryn
Gregoire Lagrange

Clara Hédouin
Jade Herbulot
Romain De Becdelièvre

Camille Aït Allouache

André Néri
Lolita Demiselle
Jean-Yves Lucas
Johann Gilles
Héloïse Auclert
 en alternance

Le Château de Saulchoir

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