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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Sébastien Monfè
Mira Goldwicht
Aurore Fattier

05 > 08.10.2022
Theatre cinema

Hedda, a plural portrait of women, immerses us in the last days of rehearsal of Hedda Gabler. A director grapples with Ibsen’s work. Her work is punctuated by the progressively obscuring interposition of memories of her sister, who had disappeared years before. We follow this unexpected, vertiginous path with her until the birth of her show.

Aurore Fattier takes hold of Ibsen’s classic and offers a contemporary transposition coupled with a mise en abyme of the work. This new work imposes itself as a machine of sharp visions, making us look more closely at the mysterious knots that exist between the unspeakable and the embodied existence. On the one hand, a kind of making of with the allure of a fantastic thriller where we follow the turmoil of the creative process behind the scenes of the theatre. On the other side, pure fiction, the representation of whole sections of Hedda Gabler staged and interpreted by the character of Laure surrounded by actors in costumes, on the stage set of the music room.

Between a mirror structure, a contemporary reading and a historical aesthetic of the play, Aurore Fattier reveals, by making the story play off against what could be what could be a contemporary news item — the disappearance of a young actress and its repercussions on her relatives —, the difference between the violence that women experience in the real world and the way it was idealized through the cultural monuments erected by our founding fathers.

Production Théâtre de Liège
Coproduction Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


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Concept, Direction
Aurore Fattier

Fabrice Adde
Delphine Bibet
Yoann Blanc
Carlo Brandt
Lara Ceulemans
Valentine Gérard
Fabien Magry
Deborah Marchal
Annah Schaeffer
Alexandre Trocki
Maud Wyler

Sébastien Monfè
Mira Goldwicht

Vincent Pinckaers

Lara Ceulemans
Deborah Marchal

Prunelle Rulens
Odile Dubucq

Marc Lainé

In collaboration with
Stéphane Zimmerli
Juliette Terraux

Light design
Enrico Bagnoli

Music direction
Maxence Vandevelde

Light design
Enrico Bagnoli

Music direction
Maxence Vandevelde

Technical director
Nathalie Borlée

Video direction
Gwen Laroche

Costumes & Sets construction
Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

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