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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Forêts paisibles
Vaudeville mythologique

Martine Wijckaert

22 > 26.11.2022

Martine Wijckaert is one of those rare sensitive ones who, out of personal singularity as much as political conviction, contrive to go beyond the boundaries of their artistic discipline by eroding them from the margins. Forêts paisibles (Peaceful Forests), her latest creation, is no exception.

The scenography warns, everything will be ambiguous. The walls are lined like at home with a motif suggesting a marshy biotope in the undergrowth. But a water fountain and a shower curtain on a rod suggest that at the same time we’re in a low-end apartment where an archaic, elementary impulse world will nevertheless be unleashed, that of a couple of satyrs flanked by their teenage offspring. Mediocre, vulgar and hairy with cloven hooves, the parents lament having produced an “abnormal” child: rebellious, hairless and in sneakers. Holed up in her “room” – a camping tent – ​​she broods over her resistance to thinking about her degenerate parents

In this ferocious fable, between vaudeville and mythology, the nuclear family is the empire broken taboos — from incest to murder — and of absolute hypocrisy. The jubilant bickering of Véronique Dumont, Alexandre Trocki and Héloïse Jadoul draws an infraworld between the daily life of Pan the satyr and that of the Deschiens. As rough in their relationships as they are refined in their language, father, mother and daughter make and break alliances, contemplating the most barbaric homicides and happily wallowing in their mire, for a caustic bacchanal with corrosive humour.

Production La Balsamine


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    Introduction · 20:00

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Martine Wijckaert

Véronique Dumont
Héloïse Jadoul
Alexandre Trocki

Martine Wijckaert

Sabine Durand

Scenography en Props
Valérie Jung

Assistant director en props
Astrid Howard

Costumes design and realisation
Laurence Villerot 
Virginie Breger

Light operator
Stéphanie Daniel

Sound design and operator
Thomas Turine

Technical director
Mathieu Bastyns

Stage manager and lights
Olivier Vincent

Stage director
Sandrine Nicaise

Set construction
Mathieu Bastyns
Boris Dambly
Sandrine Nicaise
Eugénie Obolensky
Didier Rodot
Vincent Rutten
Olivier Vincent et l’équipe technique de la Balsamine

Treatment of the pattern
Hichem Dahes

Inspiration for the tapestry pattern
Stag Hunt near a Pool gravure de Sadeler, d’après Roelandt Savery

La Balsamine

La Coop asbl et Shelter Prod

With the support from, ING et Tax-shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge Remerciements Entreprises générales Dherte S.A.

Special thanks to
Entreprises générales Dherte S.A.

Le Rideau de saison, Maak & Transmettre · photos : Lucile Dizier, 2024