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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


François Gremaud
Samantha van Wissen

29.11 > 03.12.2022
Dance – Theatre

After a first part devoted to Phèdre, François Gremaud continues his trilogy on the great tragic female figures of the living arts by adapting Giselle*, a masterpiece of classical ballet and an essential piece of the romantic repertoire.

A comedy-ballet that develops as a danced conference, Giselle… here is adorned with three suspension points. This punctuation appeared in the French language with romanticism to represent the inexpressible character of a thing. It tells us that Giselle is both there and not there. A programmatic way of affirming that beyond the ballet, there are all the spells of form and fiction. It’s all about circulation, between memory and imagination, between the voice and the dance step, between the inside and the outside.

In a stripped-down aesthetic, Samantha van Wissen comments, paraphrases, documents and dances Giselle. The iconic interpreter of Rosas Danst Rosas by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker plays magnificently in all registers, through a composite and constantly inventive form, supported by the music of composer and pianist Luca Antignani, inspired by the music of Adolphe Adam, and performed by four musicians – flute, harp, saxophone, violin.

Both educational and evocative, Giselle… reveals all the emotion contained in the ballet as well as the magic of one of the most beautiful heroines in the history of dance.

Première belge

* On learning that Albrecht, whom she loves, is the noble fiancé of a princess, Giselle, a naive peasant girl, dies. The Queen of the Wilis – spirits of dead maidens – decides that Albrecht must follow Giselle to the grave. He is condemned to dance until he dies from exhaustion. But the spirit of Giselle, by dancing with him, manages to save him.


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    Introduction · 20:00 + discussion after the show

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Salle Jacques Huisman


François Gremaud

Samantha van Wissen

François Gremaud
By Théophile Gautier Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges

Samantha van Wissen
By Jean Coralli et Jules Perrot

Music creation
Luca Antignani
By Adolphe Adam

Musicians (alternating) :
Léa Al-Saghir 
Anastasiia Lindeberg

Tjasha Gafner 
Valerio Lisci

Héléna Macherel
Sara Antikainen
Irene Poma

Sara Zazo Romero
Bera Romairone

Wanda Bernasconi

Light Design
Stéphane Gattoni – Zinzoline

Sound design
Bart Aga

Technical direction
2b company

Touring (alternating)
Bart Aga
Raphaël Raccuia

English translator
Sarah Jane Moloney

German translator
Sophie Müller

Management, production and touring
Noémie Doutreleau
Michaël Monney

2b company

Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne (CH)Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Genève (CH) Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy (FR) Malraux Scène Nationale Chambéry Savoie (FR) dans le cadre du projet PEPS - Plateforme Européenne de Production Scénique Théâtre de la Ville – Paris / Festival d’Automne à Paris Avec le soutien du programme PEPS de coopération territoriale européenne INTERREG V, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Fondation Leenaards, Pour-cent culturel Migros Vaud, Fondation Suisse des Artistes Interprètes

La 2b company est au bénéfice d’un Contrat de Confiance de la Ville de Lausanne et d’une Convention de Subvention du Canton de Vaud.

Le Rideau de saison, Maak & Transmettre · photos : Lucile Dizier, 2024