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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Le Passé
Présent et avenir


06 & 07.10.2022
Theatre meeting

The embodiment of free theater in Russia, the KnAM, between artistic gesture and documentary speech, at the crossroads of images, destinies and testimonies, highlights the complex reality of contemporary Russia, creating political works full of humanity.

First evening Thursday 06.10

The past: the history of the country, reflected in everyone's personal experience. “Putin” as a collective portrait of the nation.
The members of KnAM, theater born during Perestroika, moved from classical dramaturgy to documentary creations, will present video extracts of their shows, and will read passages from them.

They will tell us how they found their voice in the stifling environment of a growing dictatorship, how they experienced this resistance, creating shows that disturbed and upset the spectators, leading them to reflect and not be afraid to speak openly.

Second evening · 07.10

Present and future: what art today, in the context of the monstrous war unleashed by Russia in the center of Europe?
Leaving behind the theater they have created and developed for 36 years, taking with them only what could fit in a suitcase, artists today must face their despair and find the strength to continue creating shows in this new reality.

The KnAM will present excerpts from their latest show created in Russia, Le Bonheur, and their show in preparation here, in France, Nous ne sommes plus... [We are no longer...]

Instead of the initially scheduled performances of the show Le Bonheur, two meetings have been arranged with the KnAM theater which, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the outbreak of war, had to leave the place where it had been working since 1985. Meetings which will leave plenty of room for a discussion between the KnAM theater team and the public and where everyone will be able to express themselves and exchange views.


  • - 20:30

    Le Passé

  • - 20:30

    Présent et avenir

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