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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Aka Moon


The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the unique trio Aka Moon. This visionary group is a pure product of their time, thanks to the solid foundation of three musicians: Stéphane Galland on drums, Michel Hatzigeorgiou on bass, and Fabrizio Cassol on saxophone. Aka Moon is still driven by a visceral need for connection and resonance with musicians from all continents. For the third time, the Festival des Libertés has the honour of welcoming Aka Moon for their anniversary, along with a diverse group of friends up on stage. This year, the celebration will include both old, well-known friends as well as younger but equally talented artists. It’s going to be a great party! The line-up includes Robin Eubanks, Baba Sissoko, Magik Malik, Amir ElSaffar, B.C. Manjunath and João Barradas.


  • - 20:30



Grande salle


30€ seating

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