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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
MàD² Joëlle Sambi

Pour un temps sois peu

Laurène Marx
Fanny Sintès

19.03.2023 · 16:00

Pour un temps sois peu is a story of a trans woman through the details, the dangerous details, the cruel details, but the real details as told by a person who has lived it, really lived it. In her flesh and in her friendship. Pour un temps sois peu is a manifesto, a reclaiming of power over the intimate voices of trans people.

At the heart of all this, there are the details, the questioning that society imposes on the trans journey, its relationship to feminism, its almost impossibility to escape binarity, the difficulty of loving and choosing one's loves in a world of heteronormative sexuality. And finally, the most obvious choice, that of trying to be the complete, perfect woman, the one who goes unnoticed, the one who is no longer trans, the one who is straight and who doesn't question anything anymore so that we don't question her. The important thing is to accept to be little and to convince yourself that one is a lot in order not to realize that you may no longer be anything.  

Special Jury Prize of la Librairie Théâtrale 2022.
Pour un temps sois peu is published by éditions Théâtrales, in the "Répertoire contemporain" collection, with the support of the Lyncéus Festival.
All of Laurène Marx's dramatic work is represented by the Althéa agency of éditions Théâtrales, the author's publisher and agent.


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De et avec
Laurène Marx

Mise en voix 
Fanny Sintès

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