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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
À la scène comme à la ville

Une traversée

Exercices de joie
Une autre tentative
Constellation des Zinneke

28 & 29.04.2023
Theatre – Slam – Dance

Une traversée brings together on the main stage of the National Theater the results of the participatory projects led by the associated artists Joëlle Sambi, Gaia Saitta and Guillaume & Clément Papachristou. The culmination: three successive twenty-minute performances which make up a single show.

Exercices de joie
La Compagnie des enfants, Gaia Saitta, Daisy Ransom Phillips

Throughout the season, in a series of encounters, a five-day course and weekly workshops, Gaia Saitta and Daisy Ransom Philips oversee La Compagnie des enfants du Théâtre National, a long-term project for children from 8 to 12 years old.

Exercices de joie is an opportunity for the young members of this company to take to the stage and share their energy with the public.


Une autre tentative
Guillaume & Clément Papachristou

Guillaume and Clément Papachristou, accompanied by the author Sarah Dropsy, set out to meet residents with motor disabilities at the FACERE specialized housing center in Anderlecht. Using some of the materials from the show Une tentative presque comme une autre, they offer multidisciplinary workshops where the work of writing and autofiction blends with choreographic research.

The project adapts and is shared between all the participants of the center, for whom it is a very first experience of the stage.

With the residents of the home for adults with cerebral palsy FACERE in Anderlecht.


Constellation des Zinneke
Joëlle Sambi

"In order to change the world, you have to say what's wrong." It is this collective statement that is the driving force behind the show put on by the collective Constellation des Zinneke. For several months, a few budding poetesses, members of two social organizations, Bia Bouquet and L’Autre lieu, have been thinking, writing and declaiming about joy and anger. These feelings, two sides of the same coin, run through the texts presented on stage by the slammers.

In a common cry, a call-out, they share poetic words that tell of the joy necessary to continue to move forward in life despite misfortune, loneliness, illness or old age; poetic words that also express the anger that is essential in order not to resign oneself and to fight injustice.

Constellation des Zinneke, is poetry without emphasis or sleight of hand; they are powerful, simple and performative lyrics.

With the seniors of the Bia Bouquet day center of the Municipality of Forest, À travers les Arts asbl and the members of L’Autre lieu – RAPA asbl in Brussels.


  • - 19:30
  • - 18:00







Grande salle


Exercices de joie

Crée et interprété par
Noé Arnould
Gaia Devaux
Martin Da Silva
Alicia De Kerckhove
Jérémy De Kerckhove
Emiliana De Lucia
Nicolas Dounis
Cléo Evenard
Macha Feiss
Billie Flemal
Vera Fonteyne
Aurélio Gamboa dos Santos

James Gutierrez -Martin
Raphaël Hansaert
Raphaëlle Mathot
Louise Renard
Nina Skwara
Victoria Skwara

Sous le regard de Gaia Saitta et Daisy Ransom Phillips

Nous remercions chaleureusement les parents pour leur investissement et leur disponibilité.


Une autre tentative

Michael Turk
Fabrice Vervalle
Wendy Parent
Etienne Coquette
Thierry François
Denise Verhasselt
Jérôme Vandenberghe
Mary-Camille Mohsni

Mise en scène
Guillaume Papachristou
Clément Papachristou

Sarah Dropsy

Assistant·es et regard artistique
Lauriane Jaouan
Bastien Montes

Pour ce projet, Guillaume et Clément Papachristou s’entourent de l'autrice Sarah Dropsy, et partent à la rencontre des résident·es en situation de handicap moteur du centre d’hébergement spécialisé FACERE, à Anderlecht.

Avec le soutien d’Afiliatys.

Constellation des Zinneke

Camille Walter
Ellen Godec
Jacqueline Apendeki
Jocelyne Gilson
Joséphine Duson
Julie Guiches
Karine Aleo
Marie-Josée Bakapa
Rosalba Pilato
Sanae El Mesbahi
Hortensia Garcia Lopez

Mise en scène 
Joëlle Sambi

Les partenaires
Service Seniors de la Commune de Forest, BRASS, Biblif, L’Autre lieu – RAPA asbl, A travers les Arts ! asbl

© Gloria Scorier