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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Hanane Hajj Ali

27.09 > 07.10.2023

Did you know that running releases dopamine and adrenaline in your body, hormones that are also neurotransmitters whose role is to pass messages between two cells?

In Jogging, Hanane Hajj Ali, a prominent figure on the Lebanese cultural and artistic scene, runs in order to better convey to us her thoughts, dreams, fears and struggle. Fascinated by the character of Medea, she tells us the story of three women with a tragic destiny: Hanane herself, ‘woman, mother, actress, citizen’, but also two other contemporary Medea figures from the Arab world, far from the stereotypes that are usually heaped on them. On stage, she reveals the ‘hushed’ stories of women citizens who are usually silenced, moving from the sacred to the profane, from the sublime to the banal, breaking taboos with surprising simplicity.

At once impassioned and cheerful, a lyrical and bubbling tragedienne, Hanane Hajj Ali, who has seen her country torn apart by incessant wars and crushed by an unprecedented economic crisis, delivers a performance mastered from start to finish in a formidable liberating gesture. An exceptional show.

Corealisatie Espace Magh


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    Introduction · 20:00

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    Introduction · 20:00

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1hr 30mins


Salle Jacques Huisman


Hanane Hajj Ali

Text and concept
Hanane Hajj Ali

Abdullah Alkafri

Eric Deniaud

Light design
Sarmad Louis
Rayyan Nihawi

Sound design
Wael Kodeih

Costume Design
Louloua Abdel-Baki

Arab Funds for Arts and Culture

With the support of
Heinrich Böll Stiftung – MENA Office (Beyrouth), l’Ambassade de France au Liban, l’Institut français au Liban, The British Council, SHAMS Association, Collectif Kahraba, Al Mawred Athaqafy (Cultural Ressource), Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre (Bruxelles), Zoukak – Focus Liban 2016, Artas Foundation, Orient Productions, Vatech, Khalil Wardé SAL

Vertebra Prize for best actor- Festival Off Edinbourg 2018 Prix Gilder-Coigney décerné par The League of Professional Theatre Woman 2020

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