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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
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Dominique toute seule

Cie au détour du Cairn

12.11.2023 · 16:00
Theatre – Younger audience

‘Dominique, you’re sleeping in the woods, for the first time / It’s a bit cold, you’re thinking of home / The birds have stopped singing / And the wolves are keeping watch / Dominique, you’re alone tonight.‘

How can you sing your own tune in full voice when it’s not in tune with the world’s? Dominique toute seule introduces us to a woman who feels she is becoming transparent. Discreetly accompanied by her guardian angel, Dominique wanders the paths of a forest and engages in dialogue with the elements. As the days and nights pass, as she opens up to the world and listens to the music that surrounds her, she gradually becomes herself again. 

On a bare stage, two characters rich in emotions draw us in with a minimum of means – the strength of great theatre. This is a journey to the heart of the self, to the heart of the other too, where we face our greatest fears and experience our greatest joys. Between laughter and song, a show woven with a thread so delicate that it is overwhelming.

Copresentation La montagne magique, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, BRONKS
As part of the EXPORT/IMPORT Festival

The show is presented at La montagne magique.


  • - 16:00



fr, surtitling en, nl




La montagne magique


7 +


Marie Burki
Garance Durand Caminos
Tom Geels

Garance Durand Caminos
Tom Geels

Text and direction
Marie Burki

Light design 
Inès Isimbi

Sound Design
Gilles Péquignot
Tom Geels

Garance Durand Caminos

Costume Design
Carla Pivetta, création collective

Plastic creation
Zaëll de Coster

Stage manager
Khalid Rabah

Operators (alternating)
Inès Isimbi
Khalid Rabah
Marie Burki

Outside view  
Jean Debefve

Mademoiselle Jeanne

With the support of
La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service général de la création artistique – Service du théâtre, Le Fonds Marie-Paule Delvaux-Godenne géré par la Fondation Roi Baudouin et la DRAC Grand-Est.

With partnerships and residency programs of
le Créa – scène conventionnée d’intérêt national art, enfance, jeunesse – Kingersheim, la CCAS-CMCAS Mulhouse, Wolubilis, centre culturel de Woluwé Saint-Lambert, Ékla – centre scénique de Wallonie pour l’enfance et la jeunesse, Résidence d’artiste du pays des Collines, Quai 41, la compagnie Aveline

© Nadine Kryzanski
Le Rideau de saison, Maak & Transmettre · photos : Lucile Dizier, 2024