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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

La Dernière génération, ou les 120 journées de Sodome

Milo Rau
Theater Stap

19 > 21.12.2023

Director Milo Rau delves into the darker and more taboo areas of society. He examines the tragic events of our history and confronts us with the violence of the world. 

La Dernière génération, ou les 120 journées de Sodome freely combines Sade’s novel with Pasolini’s film and sets them in the present. Created with Theater Stap, the play examines the notions of power and voyeurism. 

Between the search for pleasure and the fear of decline, La Dernière génération, ou les 120 journées de Sodome exposes the contradictions of our time, highlighting the coexistence of luxury and torment, the obsession with normalization and the taste for petty bourgeois scandal.


  • - 20:15

    Grande production

  • - 19:15

    Grande production

  • - 20:15

    Grande production / Introduction · 19:30



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Grande salle


18 +


Koen De Sutter
Robert Hunger-Bühler
Olga Mouak
Ann Dockx
Jacqueline Bollen

Bram Vaneeckhaute
Els Laenen
Gert Wellens
Gitte Wens
Hazina Kenis
Leen Teunkens
Liesbeth De Hertogh
Luc Loots
Tanne Lemmens

According to
Les Cent Vingt Journées de Sodome de Donatien Alphonse François de Sade et Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma de Pier Paolo Pasolini

Direction et text
Milo Rau

Assistant director
Manon Pfrunder

Scenography and Costume Design
Anton Lukas

Stefan Bläske

Research and artistic collaborators
Joline Vermeulen
Kaatje De Geest

Artistic directors of the Theater Stap
Marc Bryssinck
Ingrid Van den Bergh

Heidi Abderhalden
Coralie Denooz

Sound operator
Jerôme Mylonas

Video direction
Gwen Laroche

Stage management
Gilles Maréchal

Théâtre de Liège & DC&J Création

Theater Stap, NTGent

With the support of
Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique et de Inver Tax Shelter

© Toni Suter / T+T Fotografie
© Gloria Scorier