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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Sans tambour

Samuel Achache

30.01 > 02.02.2024
Musical theater

‘It all starts with a collapse – the collapse of a couple, of their house and of its history. Whether they talk or sing, it’s all the same in the end. As their story ends, ours begins – a story that involves building again on our own ruins.’

Samuel Achache likes to create new links between theatre and music. In Sans tambour, he takes on Schumann’s lieder, joyfully subverting their gravity and breaking them down into different little playlets. 

Tackling a theme as old as love (breaking up and the ensuing collapse), the virtuoso band of performers goes through a flood of imbalances. 

Behind the schoolboyish spirit of Sans tambour lurks a gentle melancholy. The stage becomes a construction site under permanent deconstruction, composed of layers of the past and traces of the present. The voice and the musical instruments emerge from the ruins and seem to rise like phoenixes from the chaos. The fragmented score plunges us into deep but fleeting subjective images, like shards. 


  • - 20:15

    Grande production

  • - 19:15

    Grande production

  • - 20:15

    Grande production / Introduction · 19:30

  • - 20:15

    Grande production





1hr 40mins


Grande salle


Grande production


Samuel Achache

Music director
Florent Hubert

Collective arrangements of Schumann's Lieder from
Liederkreis op.39, Frauenliebe und Leben op.42, Myrthen op. 25, Dichterliebe op.48, Liederkreis op.24

Antonin-Tri Hoang
Florent Hubert

Eve Risser

Lisa Navarro

Costume Design
Pauline Kieffer

Light design
César Godefroy

Dramaturgical collaboration
Sarah Le Picard
Lucile Rose

Costumes and accessories assistant
Eloïse Simonis

From and with
Gulrim Choï / Myrtille Hetzel (alternating)
Lionel Dray
Antonin-Tri Hoang
Florent Hubert
Sébastien Innocenti
Sarah Le Picard
Léo-Antonin Lutinier
Agathe Peyrat

Eve Risser / Samuel Achache

General and stage manager
Serge Ugolini

Stage management (alternating)
Sarah Jacquemot-Fiumani
Fabrice Barbotin
Igor Landron

Light operators
Maël Fabre

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With the support of
Centre national de la musique

La vie brève – Théâtre de l’Aquarium, de la Fondation Royaumont et du Centre d’Art et de Culture de Meudon

© Jean-Louis Fernandez
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