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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Canine Jaunâtre 3

Marlene Monteiro Freitas
Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon

14 > 16.03.2024

The Cape Verdean choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas offers us a performance as fascinating and enigmatic as its title. 

In a timeless space governed by a clock that times random rounds, the dancers form contradictory figures. The usual aesthetic codes give way to an exaltation of contrasts, driven by both life and death instincts. 

Canine Jaunâtre 3 becomes a game of bodies in action, in which the seventeen dancer-teammates, all wearing the number three, are subjected to contradictory rules and principles. 

Making, unmaking, advancing, retreating – these virtuosos with their highly organic and subversive movements express themselves in a way that is both animal-like and robotic. They gradually lead us into uncertain territory, where borders become blurred. 

A dance that summons up our memories of carnival rituals, disturbing the apparent order of things and our overly comfortable habits of perception.

Corealisation La Monnaie, Charleroi Danse, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

The show is a Corealisation by La Monnaie, Charleroi danse and the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles. Although sold out, tickets may still be available from our partners.

La Monnaie

Charleroi danse


  • - 20:15

    Grande production

  • - 20:15

    Grande production

  • - 19:15

    Grande production



1hr 30mins


Grande salle


Grande production


Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Choreography assistant
Ben Green

Yannick Fouassier
Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Les danseur·ses du Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon

Light design
Yannick Fouassier

Sound design
Rui Antunes

© Ascaf
Le Rideau de saison, Maak & Transmettre · photos : Lucile Dizier, 2024