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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Pour un temps sois peu

Laurène Marx
Fanny Sintès

26.03 > 06.04.2024
Theatre – Stand-up

The existence of trans people raises painful questions about the validity of different assignations, be they of gender, sex or class. 

In this unique one-woman show, Laurène Marx tells her story as a trans woman. She presents the questions that society raises about the experience of people who are trying to escape a binary model. She talks about her relationship to feminism, about microaggressions, macroaggressions and the difficulty of loving and choosing one’s lovers in a world of heteronormativity. 

Through trashy, sometimes violent language and direct confrontation, the performer involves the audience and forces them to constantly ask themselves whether they are being spoken to or about. 

Because the minority can call into question the certainties of the majority.






1hr 30




Writing and acting
Laurène Marx

Fanny Sintès

Light design
Solange Dinand

Cie Je t’accapare, FAB – Fabriqué à Belleville

With the support of
Libre Usine Nantes, Les fabriques de Chantenay - Nantes, Théâtre Ouvert - Paris, Bains Public - Saint-Nazaire, Nouveau Studio Théâtre Nantes, La Ville de Paris.

Pour un temps sois peu est édité dans une coédition Editions Théâtrales – Lyncéus festival. Le texte est lauréat d’ARTCENA et a obtenu le prix du jury de la Librairie Théâtrale. Laurène Marx est représentée par Anaïs Charteau de l’agence Althéa

© Pauline Le Goff
© Gloria Scorier