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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Multiple Bad Things

Back to Back Theatre

10 > 12.05.2024
Theatre – Kunstenfestivaldesarts

The works of Back to Back Theatre, an Australian company, question politics, ethics and philosophy. Its members are people with various disabilities. 

Multiple Bad Things is about a small group of people who find themselves alone in a vast, unknown void. They are looking for a refuge, a safe haven away from modern life, from war, from the climate emergency … This sculptural shelter, both functional and imagined, will be built throughout the performance. Struggling to live together in difficult conditions, the characters are exposed to questions of inclusion, identity and intersectionality. 

An original, unconventional show that erases our mental and physical boundaries through a powerful act of the imagination.

​​​​Corealisation Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles




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Grande salle


Bron Batten
Breanna Deleo
Natasha Jynel
Simon Laherty
Sarah Mainwaring
Ben Oakes
Scott Price
Tamara Searle
Ingrid Voorendt

Tamara Searle
Ingrid Voorendt

Natasha Jynel
Simon Laherty
Sarah Mainwaring
Scott Price

Set and Costume Design                
Anna Cordingley

Composer & Sound Design
Zoë Barry

AV Design
Rhian Hinkley

Lighting Design
Richard Vabre

Script Consultant
Melissa Reeves

Creative Development
Michael Chan
Mark Deans
Alana Hoggart
Francesca Neri
Tamika Simpson

Stage Manager
Alana Hoggart

Sound Engineer
Thomas ‘Soup’ Campbell

Company Manager
Erin Watson

Production Manager
Bao Ngouansavanh

Tanya Bennett
Margaret Bourke
David Miller

Executive Producer
Tim Stitz

Artistic Director
Bruce Gladwin

© Sarah Walke
© Gloria Scorier