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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Touch and Go offers a visual and meditative walk through prostitution.
Between the words spoken by a client and after-thoughts from the sidewalk, the light speaks volumes, putting the silence to work.
“In this age of consumerism and materialism, I am trafficking blue sky and coloured air.”
J. Turell


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Une expérience sensorielle de la Brute asbl  
Conception : Nicolas Marty, Wim Lots
Construction : Cédric Macary
Hôtesses : Jérôme de Falloise, Anne-Sophie Sterck
A production from La Brute realised with the assistance of the Théâtre National’s technical team.

Le Rideau de saison, Maak & Transmettre · photos : Lucile Dizier, 2024