Deeply touched by the documentary film made by Edgar Morin and Jean Rouch in 1960, “Chronique d’un été”, the first French experiment in cinema vérité, Justine Lequette and the actors take up the film’s key questions, directed at passers-by, students, workers, employees and immigrants, whose interviews were sometimes continued in a more intimate setting. These questions, about happiness, life, work, utopias are now asked by them in a society which, fifty-eight years down the line, has stayed the same and, at the same time, has changed a great deal.
Putting these two periods into perspective, they also draw on documentary sequences by Pierre Carles, extracts from plays by Alexandra Badea and improvisations by the actors to focus on the meaning of our existence, in an aesthetic that, despite being inspired by real life situations, always develops a point of view and a playful dimension.


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    Théâtre des Martyrs

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    My Sweet Devil


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    + concert My Sweet Devil - 22:00 - Foyers Théâtre National
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  • A project initiated and staged by
    Justine Lequette

    Collective writing

    Rémi Faure, Benjamin Lichou, Jules Puibaraud, Léa Romagny

    Direction assistant
    Ferdinand Despy

    Light design
    Guillaume Fromentin

    Création Studio Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

    Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

    Group Nabla

    Project issued from
    Solo Carte Blanche de l’ESACT

  • With the support of
    l’ESACT, La Chaufferie-Acte1, Festival de Liège, Eubelius

    The performance includes extracts of texts (& images) of
    Je te regarde d’Alexandra Badea, L’Arche Editeur, ;
    Attention Danger Travail et Volem Rien Foutre al pais, Pierre Carles, Christophe Coello & Stéphane Goxe, C-P Productions ;
    Chronique d’un été, Jean Rouch & Edgar Morin, Argos films

    Special thanks to
    Nathanaël Harcq, Annah Schaeffer, Astrid Akay & Jo De Leuw

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