Théâtre National

Low / Heroes

a Berlin hyper-cycle

David Bowie, Philip Glass, Renaud Cojo & Belgian National Orchestra


In the nineties Philip Glass composed two symphonies inspired by Low and Heroes, the first two albums of David Bowie’s mythical “Berlin trilogy”.

In 2018 Renaud Cojo magnifies the beauty of these pieces by having them interpreted by the National Orchestra of Belgium: Along with singer Bertrand Belin, the Symphony No. 1 spectacularly enriches the screening of Cojo’s film inspired by Bowie’s writings.

In a second part, we now have Bertrand Belin on stage, reading The Journal of Nathan Adler written in 1996 by Bowie himself. Stef Kamil Carlens accompanies this part with a cover of Art Decade (Low, 1976).

The third part is a performance of Glass’ Symphony No. 4 which accompanies a screening of a choreographic work created by contemporary icon Louise Lecavalier and performed by her and one of her partners Frédéric Tavernini.

A huge admirer of Ziggy Stardust, Renaud Cojo creates layers of references to the singer’s universe to invent his own Berlin cycle: an intricate reimagining of Bowie’s work which is a veritable odyssey mixing symphonic music and stage performances.

© Xavier Cantat





Conception / Concept / Concept
Renaud Cojo

Conception décor / Set design / Scenografie
Renaud Cojo, Philippe Casaban, Eric Charbeau

Conception lumières / Light design / Lichtontwerp
Eric Blosse

Conception technique vidéo / Technics and video (design) / Techniek en video (ontwerp)
Laurent Rojol

FILM LOW Réalisation / Direction FILM LOW / FILM LOW Productie
Renaud Cojo

Conseiller réalisation / Advisor to the director / Consulent productie
Benoit Arène

Assistant / Assistant / Assistent
Cyrielle Bloy

Personnage principal / Main character / Hoofdpersonage
Bertrand Belin

Acteurs secondaires / Minor roles / Bijrollen
Pierre-Jérôme Adjedj, Pierre Barachant, Oscar Barachant-Panisset, Uta Eismann, Ronan Faverau, Odile Hautemulle, Stéphane Lalloz, Eugène Moritz, Amandine Thiriet

Chef Opérateur-directeur photo / Director of photography / Directeur van fotografie
Denis Louis

Assistante caméra / Camera assistant / Camera assistent
Natacha Raymond

Drone / Drone / Drone
Cornélius Diemer

Chef éclairagiste / Lighting director / Chef belichting
Benjamin Schmidt

Costumes / Costumes / Kostuums
Odile Béranger

Suivi des costumes Berlin / Costume continuity / Opvolging kostuums Berlijn
Odile Hautemulle

Régisseur-Traduction / Translation manager / Regisseur-vertaling
Pierre-Jérôme Adjedj

Copiste / Copier / Copiist
Laurence Jérôme

Accessoires / Props / Rekwisieten
Renaud Cojo

Chef monteur / Chief editor / Montageleider
Clément Rière

Etalonnage / Calibration / Lichtnummeraar
Lucie Bruneteau

Graphisme / Graphics / Grafiek
Dan Maurin

Production déléguée / Production manager / Productie manager
Cédric Walter (Spectre Production)

Chargée de production / Production / Productie
Vanessa Vallée

Administration / Administration / Administratie
Thierry Rousseau assisté de Anne Dulucq Film Low (Berlin), Journal de Nathan Adler 

Acteur / Actor / Acteur
Bertrand Belin

Création Musicale et exécution / Music and execution / Muziek en uitvoerder
Stef Kamil Carlens

Sonorisation / Soundsystem / Sonorisatie
Eddy Da Costa

Réalisation direct / Direction / Live realisatie
Laurent Rojol

Captation / Video recording / Captatie
Heroes (Montréal)

Chorégraphie / Choregraphy / Choreografie
Louise Lecavalier

Danseurs / Dancers / Dansers
Louise Lecavalier, Fréderic Tavernini

Production / Production / Productie
Cité de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris (Paris), Opéra National de Bordeaux-Aquitaine, Office Artistique de la Région Aquitaine, Spectre production, Les films Jack Fébus

Avec le soutien / With the support of / Met de steun van
Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse, Institut Français d’Allemagne, DICREAM (pour le / for the / voor de film LOW)

The Diaries of Nathan Adler or the Art-Ritual Murder of Baby Grace Blue was a text written by David Bowie from the album OUTSIDE and reproduce with the kind permission of RZO Music - translated by Jean Paul Mourlon