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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Mary Shelley, Jan-Christoph Gockel & Peachesandrooster

06 > 10.05.2019
Theatre – Musical show

It’s in 1816 that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus, an ambitious text, a master work from a young romantic feminist. At the heart of the short story, Baron Viktor Frankenstein bestows life on a strange creature in his laboratory. Made up of the flesh from dead bodies, “the monster” is rejected by his creator, frightened by so much ugliness.

Adapted many times in film and on stage, Frankenstein is a mainstay of popular culture. It’s a humanist work that deals with the themes of innocence, loneliness, love, injustice and the abuses of science and progress… Sublime material that Jan-Christoph Gockel and his long time colleague, puppeteer Michael Pietsch have made their own.

Presiding over the production is a six meter high puppet, a heterogeneous being composed of a multitude of objects either provided by the public or gleaned from the artists’ lives. Fragments of stories and souvenirs, all connected to the artists or the public.

Accompanied by Anton Berman’s live music on stage, the artistic team delivers a poetic Frankenstein, where the linguistic diversity (English, French and German) is the final touch on a work of great finesse.


  • - 20:15
  • - 20:15

    introduction - 19:45

  • - 19:30
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FR, EN, DE — Surtitles EN, FR




Grande salle

Surrounding the show

introduction 07.05.2019 - 19:45 (15')

Sound level

category 2


Text and direction
Jan-Christoph Gockel

From the novel by
« Frankenstein ; Or, The Modern Prometheus », Mary Shelley

Julia Kurzweg

Creator of puppets and puppeteer
Michael Pietsch

Costume design
Emilie Jonet

Sound design and musicians
Anton Berman

Light design
Jean-Jacques Deneumoustier

Cécile Michel

Direction assistant
Maxime Glaude

Set design assistant
Sarah Deppe, Julia Ippolito

Dramaturgy assistant
Irina Reinke

Translation and surtitles
Werkhuis sprl, Cécile Michel

Léone François, Anton Berman, Alfredo Cañavate, Bruce Ellison, Gustav Koenigs, Gianni La Rocca, Michael Pietsch (alternating with Laurenz Leky)

Lucas Hamblenne, Romain Gueudré, Pierre Ottinger

Special thanks to
Vincent Hennebicq

Stage Manager
Romain Gueudré

Light operator
Emily Brassier, Virgile Morel De Westgaver (intern)

Sound operator
Jeison Prado Rojas, Pawel Wnuczynski (intern)

Stage director and construction
Stéphanie Denoiseux, Lucas Hamblenne, Pierre Ottinger

Machines : conception and production
Frédéric Opdebeeck, Didier Rodot

Dominique Pierre, Yves Philippaerts, Pierre Jardon

Eugènie Obolinski, Bruno Verlaet

Sarah Deppe, Noémie Vanheste

Costume design
Nicole Moris, Nathalie Willems, Pauline Aschoff (intern)

Création Studio Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Set construction and costumes
Ateliers du Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Théâtre de Namur, Tandem scène nationale, le Manège Maubeuge, La Coop asbl, Shelter Prod

With the support of, ING & tax-shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge, Ambassade de la République fédérale d’Allemagne, Goethe-Institut

The show includes excerpt from
Frankenstein ou Le Prométhée moderne, préface de 1831 traduite de l’anglais par Patrick Drague, Collection folioplus classiques (n°145), 2008, © Editions Gallimard ;
Ciment de Heiner Muller, traduction de l’allemand par Jean-Pierre Morel, Editions de Minuit, 1991

With special thanks to those who participated in the collection and sharing of their objects and stories, thus contributing to the creation of the show.

© Gloria Scorier