Jan Christoph Gockel, Michael Pietsch and the production’s artistic team of Frankenstein are offering you the chance to take part in the construction of a giant puppet by bringing in objects with a story.

A collection of these objects will be organised, they will become part of the creature and will accompany the production on tour, so they are non-returnable.

Objects collection, Wednesday 6th september 6pm > 8pm at the Théâtre National.
Info: public@theatrenational.be

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Brussels,
Frankenstein’s monster is coming to town!
In Mary Shelley’s novel, Victor Frankenstein will not accept that death is the end. He wants to overcome it, and to do this, he collects pieces of corpses and assembles them to make his “Monster”.
We need YOUR HELP to bring Frankenstein to life at the Théâtre National.

In our version, Frankenstein’s monster will be constructed from objects that people have left behind: bequests, small things that have a story but may be lying in the cellar, furniture, gifts from people who are no longer around, etc. Frankenstein’s monster will be made up of this type of object: a cup, a chair or an item of clothing, for example.
Puppeteer, Michael Pietsch, and scenographer, Julia Kurzweg, will use all these objects to build an enormous puppet, about 8 metres tall. It will come to life on the stage of the Théâtre National on 7 March 2018. Your mementos could be part of it.
We’ll treat your objects and your stories with the respect they deserve and hope we can give them a new lease of life, on stage…”

Jan Christoph Gockel, director



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