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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
Festival des libertés 2018


Festival des Libertés

25.10.2018 · 21:00

Fakear successfully created a buzz for a music that resonates far beyond the electro sphere. Drawing his inspiration from world music, trip-hop and deep house, Fakear blends genres in his lively and powerful music, creating the unique signature that sets him apart. Having enjoyed success from the start of his career, his recordings captured the hearts of electronic music lovers.  His dreamy and mystical generosity and style made him a real phenomenon whose concerts perfectly reflect the magic present underlying his music. After taking the electro scene by storm, selling out the Olympia concert hall in Paris and touring the US, Australia and Europe, Fakear’s sun-drenched music will now shine bright on the Festival des Libertés.


  • - 21:00



€22 (standing) / €25 (seated)

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