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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
Festival des libertés 2018


Festival des Libertés

18.10.2018 · 21:00

After a sold-out show at the Ancienne Belgique in April, Brigitte will be performing at the Festival of Liberties to introduce their new album, Nues: a more multifaceted album than ever, yet somehow, even more intrinsic and part of their identity. Breaking new musical ground, Aurélie Saada’s velvet sincerity blends with Sylvie Hoarau’s voice more than ever, in smooth, clear harmonies. The lyrics are striking: we encounter our fathers, our friends, our sisters, our intimate strangers, our allies, our idols, our love affairs, the loves of our lives, and our much-loved daughters. It’s a beautiful ode to femininity. Powerful and ready to explode at any time, Brigitte has never seemed to strong and yet so fragile, opening their biggest wounds in sober, simple lyrics, which feel like a blow to the stomach..


  • - 21:00



€26 (standing) / €35 (seated)

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