De Living is the first work by Ersan Mondtag to be shown at the festival. One of the most celebrated German directors of the young generation, the rising all-round artist Mondtag was voted director and set and costume designer of the year in the German Sprachraum. His latest creation, De Living, begins when a woman comes home to her living room and ends with her suicide. Or is it the other way around? Can the last hour of her life be narrated backwards? What does she do so close to her end? Can we understand her act, accept her decision? Is there any way to prevent her killing herself, or is this an inevitable act, a release even? The history of drama is full of characters who die or kill themselves. Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet – even before the performance starts, the audience knows that they are ultimately going to die, and yet we still watch these shows with fascination. As though we enjoy this feeling of inevitability and fatalism. Or are we rather looking for a key that can shatter the feeling of impotence and bring us once more to our senses?


Tickets go on sale on April 12 :


  • Duration


  • Tickets

    € 18/15


  • Direction
    Ersan Mondtag

    By and with
    Doris & Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu (Les Mybalés)

    Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

  • Production

    Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Theater Neumarkt (Zürich), La Villette (Paris)

    With the support of
    Goethe Institut and Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government


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