Théâtre National

Le Présent qui déborde

O Agora que Demora - Notre Odyssée II

d’après Homère, Christiane Jatahy


Brazilian cinematographer and director, Christiane Jatahy made a strong impression with What if They Went to Moscow?, an exceptional adaptation of Chekov’s Three Sisters.

Devastated by the migrant crisis which has shaken the world and the resurgence of nationalism which feeds off of it, Christiane Jatahy has based her current production on this burning topic. She situates it in the world of Homer’s Odyssey. A new work in two parts: Ithaca, part of the 18/19 season at the Théâtre National, brought us back to Odysseus’ tribulations. Shipwrecked on Calypso’s island, Odysseus dreams of getting home. This irrepressible need to return to one’s origins is felt by many people, tossed onto the road in the hope of better days.

In Le Présent qui déborde, Christiane Jatahy shows us the travels of real contemporary Odysseus. Men and women who bear witness to exile, resonating with the emotions of Homer’s Odysseus. From Palestine to Lebanon, passing through Greece, South Africa and Brazil, she met with these “suspended” lives in refugee camps. Pain forbids memory. The hardships will continue tomorrow, will continue in the future. Thus their lives are uniquely in the present tense.

Between theatre and film, Le Présent qui déborde plunges the spectators into the story. They are invited, without realizing it, to weave the threads of today, the threads of the world.

©Paulo Camacho



multilingual, surtitles fr, en


Grande Salle



Surrounding the show

Introduction 01.10.2019 – 19:45 (15')


02.05.2019 - SESC, São Paulo

European premiere
05.07.2019 - Festival d’Avignon


Christiane Jatahy

Based on
L’Odyssée d’Homère

Abbas Abdulelah Al’Shukra
Abdul Lanjesi
Abed Aidy
Adnan Ibrahim Nghnghia
Ahmed Tobasi
Blessing Opoko
Corina Sabbas
Emilie Franco
Faisal Abu Alhayjaa
Fepa Teixeira
Frank Sithole
Iketi Kayapó
Irengri Kayapó
Ivan Tirtiaux
Jehad Obeid
Joseph Gaylard
Jovial Mbenga
Laerte Késsimos
Leon David Salazar
Linda Michael Mkhwanasi
Maroine Amimi
Mbali Ncube
Melina Martin
Mustafa Sheta
Nadège Meden
Nambulelo Meolongwara
Noji Gaylard
Ojo Kayapó
Omar Al Sbaai
Pitchou Lambo
Pravinah Nehwati
Ramyar Hussaini
Ranin Odeh
Renata Hardy
Vitor Araújo
Yara Ktaish


Concept, staging and direction (movie)
Christiane Jatahy

Artistic adviser, set design and lighting
Thomas Walgrave

Director of photography
Paulo Camacho


Domenico Lancelotti
Vitor Araujo

Sound design
Alex Fostier

Company collaboration and coordination
Henrique Mariano

Production and touring
Daphné Seale
Juliette Thieme


Staging (film) Christiane Jatahy, Paulo Camacho

Cameraman (film) Paulo Camacho

Second camera (film) Thomas Walgrave

Mixage (film) Breno Furtado, Pedro Vituri

Stage manager Benoît Ausloos

Video direction Matthieu Bourdon

Light operator Juan Borrego

Sound operator David Defour

The all team of the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles



Local production – Jénine
The Freedom Theatre – Ahmed Tobasi, Mustafa Sheta

Sound operator
Issa J Qumsyeh



Sound operator – Beyrouth / Vallée de la Vallée de la Beqaa
Nour Salman

Lokal translator
Hiba Hussein



Local production – Athènes
Daphné Tolis

Sound operator
Emmanuil Manousakis


South Africa

Local production – Johannesburg
Outreach Foundation – Linda Michael Mkhwanasi, Malvin Phana Dube, Gérard Bester

Sound operator
Paul Van Zyl



Local production – Amazonie
Rafael Cabral, Clara Aruac

Sound operator
Breno Furtado


Création Studio Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, SESC São Paulo

Ruhrtriennale (Allemagne), Comédie de Genève (Suisse), Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe (France), Teatro Municipal São Luiz (Portugal), Festival d’Avignon (France), Le Maillon-Théâtre de Strasbourg Scène européenne (France), Riksteatern (Suède), Temporada Alta (Espagne).

Sets construction and costumes
Ateliers du Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles


Christiane Jatahy is an international associate artist in Centquatre-Paris/France, at the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe and the Schauspielhaus Zürich (Zwitserland).


With the support of
The Freedom Theatre (Palestine), Outreach Foundation (South Africa)

With the international support of

Ambassade du Brésil en France, Ambassade de France au Brésil, Bureau de représentation du Brésil à Ramallah, Ambassade du Brésil au Liban, Ambassade du Brésil en Grèce, Ambassade de Belgique au Liban