Girl or boy? Neither. Both. Other. Searching for her own identity, Silvia Calderoni from Italy meditates on her appearance and looks to accept her unique body, free of society’s definitions. Alone on stage, she presents a hymn to the freedom of being one’s self, independent of gender, skin color, nationality or any limits imposed by others.Like its subject the show abolishes the categories between genres: video, installation, performance. In the form of a DJ/VJ set, autobiographic fragments, home movie excerpts, and literary references with a soundtrack that goes from Buddy Holly to Stromae via Smashing Pumpkins.

Silvia Calderoni runs through her own multiplicities to create a kaleidoscopic queer universe at the center of which she literally gets naked. A moving exploration of both borders and reality the better to blur them.


  • Language

    it, surtitles fr, en

  • Venue


  • Duration



  • With
    Silvia Calderoni 

    Enrico Casagrande,
    Daniela Nicolò 

    Daniela Nicolò,
    Silvia Calderoni 

    Enrico Casagrande 

    With the collaboration of
    Paolo Panella,
    Damiano Bagli 

    Lighting and video
    Alessio Spirli,
    Simone Palma

    Elisa Bartolucci,
    Shaila Chenet 

  • Communication
    Marta Lovato
    Estelle Coulon 

    Distribution abroad
    Lisa Gilardino 


    Motus 2015 

    With the collaboration of
    La Villette - Résidence d’artistes 2015 Paris, Create to Connect (EU project) Bunker/ Mladi Levi Festival Lubiana, Santarcangelo 2015 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza, L’arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, MARCHE TEATRO

    With the support of
    MiBACT, Regione Emilia Romagna

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