I didn’t know my mother would fit so well

Cédric Eeckhout

I started from my initials: CE, which also stands for European Community (Communauté Européenne). Then I thought to myself that I was really the son of two different cultures, Flemish and Walloon. Europe inspires me: I live on trains, I move a lot, I have an Italian husband ... I find it difficult to conceive of anything other than Europe. It touches me a lot personally, especially in my friendships. But what is it, in reality, to be European? How does it work? What is it that defines us? But also what are our common fears and feelings?

My mother is on the set, which reinforces the principle of identification. I think it’s great to have a mother who is who she is and who comes on stage as an amateur, helping her completely crazy son. It’s also a test. And I must say that I didn't know that my mother would fit so well. And then, the mother also signifies origin, daily life, it’s she who carries the idea of family. On the set, with my European flag, I symbolize my depression as well as Europe’s depression. My mother, for her part, symbolizes family, with the tablecloth and the table, and her everyday gestures. As well as the mother, the son and the quest, we also have the cat, the absent father.


— Interview by Cécile Michel on October 19, 2019


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