This new solstice marks the celebration of our reunion

Sometimes, silence is fitting, memory and recall gain ground and the invisible ones finally appear.

This new solstice marks the celebration of our reunion... in unusual conditions for a time, certainly, but with even more conviction than we had before, that meeting with an artist, here and now, eye to eye, is the ultimate collective experience, an indispensable tool for recomposing the fragments of our being.

The many signs of your support touched our hearts and enabled us to finalize and adapt this edition.

So here are our new heroes: storytellers from the 20-21 season. We can safely welcome you to the theatre to discover their work and hear the story of their experience.

Thank you for not forgetting them in recent weeks.
Please don't forget them tomorrow.

Fabrice Murgia 


Guerre-guérison (2018) in Blanc Maquillage a residency at the Institut Bergonié, institute for the fight against cancer.

The image shows a female doctor on horseback in a hospital under construction; a night-time crossing surprised by something undefined, laced with terror... This photograph is part of an artistic package which includes a debate on the persistent analogies between the words of doctors and those of the military.