A bond between Europe and the vision of the couple

Cédric Eeckhout

« What interests me is to see if people have the same vision as me, to know whether my life can be europe. Is my family like europe? What relationships between people can represent a political reality? »

As part of his project, Cédric Eeckhout undertook a series of residencies between April 2019 and February 2020 across Europe, during which he interviewed citizens. He drew up a questionnaire which compared the conception that people have of Europe and their vision of the couple and of union in general. Cedric and his mum asked dozens of people the following questions:

• Age, sex, sexual orientation

• Are you married? Single? In a relationship?

• If you are single, do you want to meet someone?

• If you are in a relationship, do you want to stay together?

• Why do you think people split up?

• And if people get together, what are the reasons they do?

• Why, after a crisis, do we decide to stay together?

• What is the project of a couple, do you think?

• Are you very into family? Fairly into family? Very little into family? Not at all.

• If little or not at all… does this come from you or is it due to family situation, family circumstances?

• What is your nationality?

• Are you European?

• Do you have children? If yes how many? Do you love them enough?

• If not, would you like to have some? If so ... will you? If not why? If you don't know ... why?

• What is your relationship with your mother?

• Do you believe in the group?

• Do you like large families? Are you from a large family? If not, would you have liked to have been from a large family?

• Can you imagine yourself in 20 years. As a European?

• What is Europe for you?

• Do you see a difference between the construction of Europe and family Sundays with your cousins, uncles and aunts?

• Are you afraid?


 — Extract from publicity material created by Cécile Michel in May 2020