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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Creating and nurturing connections

Mediation service

The mediation service of the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles is there to respond to the fundamental challenge represented by the presence within our walls of a varied, heterogeneous public, in the image of the world of which we are a part. The development of the activities carried out by this team is a necessity both to guarantee access to culture for all and to further expand the diversity of the public. The role of mediator is to create the link between live art, artists and spectators, and to promote exchanges between all.

Our objective is to involve the citizen in a stimulating and productive way, by defending an inclusive and pluralistic approach to culture, allowing us to facilitate relations with the populations of the territory and therefore to overcome the obstacles that limit them in their participation in the cultural offer.

Based on the season’s performances (theatre, circus, dance, performance, readings, etc.) which question our world and our time, we create itineraries, organize meetings, in class, in associations, community centres, foyers, in the public space and at the Theatre, in particular in a new shared space at the heart of our institution. Everywhere, we can meet, exchange, experiment and create links.

To do this, the mediation service is developing many ways to meet the public and support each spectator:

  • guided tours ;
  • spectator workshops;
  • presentations in class or in associations;
  • theatres workshops;
  • dance workshops;
  • meetings with artists;
  • introductions to shows;
  • theatrical route;
  • a major annual thematic conference;
  • or “tailor-made” formulas.

And the team is at your disposal for any information or request:

With a necessary humility and a touch of madness and ambition, there are still many possibilities to invent and develop, many links to create and nurture, together.
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