My Father Held a Gun

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My Father Held a Gun

JT 19h30, sur RTBF Auvio, le 13.02.2020


Toujours + d’Actu, Les invités culture, sur BX1, le 11.02.2020


Françoise Bare, L'Incontournable, sur RTBF Auvio, le 10.02.2020


L'info culturelle, Collaboration entre le Théâtre National et le TTO, sur RTBF Auvio, le 04.02.2020


"La pièce revendique une forme très vivante de « storytelling », qui fait intervenir le public. Avec cette envie, sans cesse, de se remettre en question, de laisser la vie influer sur leur création."
Catherine Makereel, Iran-Israël: la paix des braves… comédiens, dans Le Soir Plus, le 29.01.2020


“Outstanding Show … This production is engaging, beautiful, painful, political, amusing, abusing, confusing, and amazing”
Luke Tudball, My Father Held A Gun, FringeReview*****, June 2018


“A stunningly simple yet immersing and thoughtful performance”
Natasia Patel, My Father Held A GunBroadwayBaby****, June 2018


“It’s massively compelling”
Mike Aiken, Brighton Fringe Review: My Father Held a GunThe Brighton Source, June 2018


“The play closes with an emphatic ending that leaves you with a feeling of realisation, as though a blindfold has suddenly been removed from your eye”
Louise Maloney, My Father Held A GunVoicemag****, June 2018


“Musical accompaniment from Guillermo Celano and Iman Spaargaren is evocative, and adds to the dramatic power of the show. Vasile Nedelcu’s direction is also good, and it’s no surprise the production was a gold award winner at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival”
Roz Scott, My Father Held A GunFringe Guru****, June 2018


“When they start telling a story, the audience is listening so quietly that you could hear a pin drop” ****


…”a great show, a hopeful plea for peace”
Het Parool, sept 2017