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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Une tentative presque comme une autre

Clément & Guillaume Papachristou

21 > 29.09.2022
Dance – Performance

Clément and Guillaume Papachristou are twins. Dressed identically, black tights and a subtly sequined sweater, they appear on an empty stage. The two twin bodies, one able-bodied, the other with cerebral palsy, begin a dance made up of embraces and separations. They hug, cling to each other and then chat or bicker.

Weaving a thread that binds them, and connects Brussels and Marseille where they live respectively, Clément and Guillaume Papachristou make their twinship a territory to be discovered. They each question their opposite number and find, in this pretend mirror, answers and new questions about the richness of the bond that unites them, illuminating their qualities and strengths as well as their faults and weaknesses.

Guillaume Papachristou’s acting has a strong authenticity, an urgency of emotion, an intensity of expression. Its singular qualities lead to a distortion of time, space and commonly accepted fiction. To produce extremely instantaneous theatre, about otherness, gaze and distance, or sexuality.

Resolutely performative – and in direct contact with the spectators – the piece, which has been rebooted over the years, never ends, tying and untying the bodies as well as funny or moving dialogues. Surprisingly, Une tentative presque comme une autre (An attempt almost like any other) puts the two brothers on equal footing as artists and performers.

From this singular hand-to-hand combat arises laughter which allows for a sensitive and festive encounter, resolutely close to us.

Clément Papachristou is an associate artist at the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Création Studio Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
 Théâtre de Namur, Festival de Marseille, Théâtre de Liège / Festival Pays de Danses


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    Discussion after the show

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    Introduction · 19:30









Director and performer
Clément Papachristou
Guillaume Papachristou

Stage and text assistant
Salim Djaferi
Bastien Montes

Choregraphy assistant
Sophie Melis

Light design
Laurie Fouvet

Researcher - Université de Liège
Marie Bonnarme

Personal assistance of Guillaume Papachristou in rehearsals
Salim Djaferi
Bastien Montes
Clément Papachristou
Marie-France Veyrent

Personal assistance of Guillaume Papachristou in performances and off days
Kevin Bouguerroudj
Sabrina Benkamela
Quentin Garrigos
Damien Trapletti

Dressmaker and props TNWB
Eugénie Poste
Manon Bruffaerts

Stage manager TNWB
Pier Gallen

Light operator TNWB
Juan Borrego

Sound operator TNWB
Pawel Wnuczynski

Stage management TNWB
Stéphanie Denoiseux

Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Saint-Gens Asbl

Théâtre de Namur, Festival de Marseille, Théâtre de Liège / Festival Pays de Danses

The Company benefited from a studio loan from the CCN- Ballet National de Marseille

With the support from
Compagnie La Zouze - Christophe Haleb (Marseille), Le Corridor - Maison de créations contemporaines (Liège), Compagnie Dromolo (Marseille)

With the help from
Prix Henri Goethals de la fondation L’Estacade, Petit Plateau - La Friche Belle de Mai, Alter Schlachthof Eupen, KLAP - Maison pour la Danse

Special thanks to
Sarah Espour, Hanna el fakir, Hildegard de Vuyst, Dominique Roodthoof

Création Studio Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

© Baptiste Le Quiniou
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