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Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Assembling separate locations and territories

Le Présent qui déborde / Christiane Jatahy

©Paulo Camacho

There are plethora odysseys made up of other odysseys. We went to various places around the globe to film people living their own odysseys, not to make a documentary, but rather, to offer a fiction through which they could express what they were experiencing and living. Built from The Odyssey with actual excerpts of the original text, the script reflects my language, where fiction and reality merge continuously. We filmed in (the State of) Palestine, Lebanon, Greece, South Africa and Amazonia. This project is a sort of relay race between multiple Ulysses - both men and women. In a virtual space, witnesses shift from one location to another in a unique journey with multiple actors. Although these characters don’t meet, the story follows its thread and the many facets of the work multiply both in the film and on set, hitting us right in the heart.


Christiane Jatahy stages Le Présent qui déborde,
a Création Studio Théâtre National presented from 01 to 12.10.2019.

A selection of photographs shot during the show can be seen
in the foyer of the Théâtre National until 15.10.2019.

© Gloria Scorier